Lowell Public Schools Citywide Family Council

What: The Citywide Family Council (CFC) is council of families, educators and community members who will help inform district decisions and make every Lowell Public School student's experience better.

Why: Research shows that when family members engage in education, more of our students succeed and thrive.

Purpose: The purpose of the CFC is to help identify priorities and focus on a range of LPS district priorities to boost student engagement and to increase student achievement.

Monthly meetings: The CFC meetings will be monthly and the schedule will be determined by the council members. Dinner, childcare, and interpretation (if requested) will be provided. We are aiming for representatives from each of the Lowell schools. We will post the monthly schedule here when it is available.

Additional info: The CFC also aims to:
1. Involve families in addressing and responding to issues in the Lowell Public Schools pertaining to educational standards, equity, minority isolation, and other education- related issues.
2. Provide an open forum for discussions regarding school issues and voted policies.
3. Provide a mechanism for broad and inclusive family representation.
4. Give its members the responsibility of keeping their respective schools informed.

Want to get involved? Email Rebecca Duda: rduda@lowell.k12.ma.us.

Meeting Notes:

  • Click here for meeting notes from the November 27, 2018 Citywide Family Council meeting.

  • Click here for meeting notes from the January 24, 2019 Citywide Family Council meeting.

  • Click here for meeting notes from the February 26, 2019 Citywide Family Council meeting.

“The rebirth of the Citywide Family Council provides a really important avenue for those closest to Lowell’s students—their family members—with a way to become informed so they can make good decisions about their children’s education. In my years with the CFC’s earlier incarnation as the Citywide Parent Council, I saw that parents not only got good information but also were inspired to take action on behalf of their children. They understood that their advocacy benefitted not only their children but ALL children in the Lowell Public Schools.”

~Sheila Kirschbaum, Director of the Tsongas Industrial History Center & grandparent to a current Lowell Public Schools student