Lowell School Community Engagement

In 2017 a group of Lowell Public School students, parents, residents, representatives from the Lowell Public Schools and a variety of local community-based organizations have been getting together to talk about how the residents of Lowell can work together in new ways to improve Lowell's schools.

Meet the Coalition Partners!

It is important for your voice to be heard to be part of creating change, and we'd love for you to join us!  You can do that by participating in an action group and/or by joining our Coalition.

The Lowell Public School Community is committed to partnering with students, parents, and community members to improve education in our city.

We are looking to:

  • pool our community resources so that we generate a varied and broad set of ideas and opinions about what is right for our students and our schools;
  • create engaging, accessible, and safe spaces for community conversations about education in Lowell; and
  • work collaboratively with students and parents to set priorities for future work.

Through the Community Circles, we heard the hopes, opinions, needs, struggles, and other feedback from parents, community partners, Lowell Public Schools faculty and staff, students and others had about education in Lowell. Following the community conversations, the Your Voice Matters coalition hosted a Community Action Forum that brought together over 100 community members to discuss the 5 themes identified through community circles held around Lowell this past fall. The Action Forum reminded us that there are a lot of voices in the city of Lowell and our goal is to capture them all and implement positive action and change to support the success of Lowell students from cradle to career.

The 5 action groups will be meeting throughout 2018 to work on the priorities they have outlined. The larger group will reconvene at the March Community Action Forum on March 26, 2018 to see how on the actions are coming along and how we as a community can assist and provide resources as needed.